Who wouldn’t appreciate the foot-tapping syncopated rhythm of saxophone super-stars like Charlie Parker and John Coltrane coupled with the smooth sultry vocals of Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday? The saxophone and flute add a unique thrill to everything from jazz and blues to the classics, and that’s what The Heimanns have perfected in their Classic Jazz duo.

Paul and Brenda Heimann were married in 1979 and have been progressing in their musical talents throughout their years together. Brenda began singing when she was a young girl in church. She continued as she grew older as the lead vocals in a country band, one of a four part harmony gospel group, and now with her main focus on Classic Jazz. She has also won many singing competitions coming in 1st in Region & 3rd in State in the Colgate sponsored Arkansas talent search. It has always been her dream to sing in a duo with her husband, Paul, and now she’s living that dream here in the Clearwater/St Pete area.

Paul has been a musician since he was a young boy as well. “Music always came easy for me,” says Paul. “There were nine of us growing up and because my dad owned a music store and was a school band director, each of us had to play the piano plus pick one other instrument,” says Paul. “I started playing piano in the second grade and sax in the sixth grade.” Paul has always enjoyed Jazz as his main musical focus, but through the years has also played in many Rock & Roll bands as well as Blues and Gospel.

The Heimanns, originally from Arkansas, are now available for bookings in the Clearwater, St Pete, and Tampa Bay area. They pride themselves on being able to liven up the audience as the main event or on being able to be the peaceful background music to any formal event.
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